One member kicks off his own Holiday Giving Campaign!

    The greatest gift is when a long time member who we have been supporting, turns around and runs his own fundraising campaign for the holidays as his way of giving back! Krystian Shaw is kicking off the lead up to Giving Tuesday with his own Facebook Holiday campaign. //read more

    He writes: ÔÇťAbility Online is a social network for kids, teens and young adults, and professionals, and other people with all kinds of disabilities and people working in the world of disabilities, anyone is welcome and they have safeguards in place to keep predators and bad people away from the site. They also have people who monitor the site. Please chip in people. I am asking everyone. I love people like myself because I am in awe of them and they make me proud and i want to support society since I been given a lot. I just care about people and I love supporting all causes as a part of my newsletter business. The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter focuses on disability awareness and success stories written by people with diverse abilities for the community and I share my newsletter on Ability Online. I love helping people and will do this for many years to come. Please share the fundraiser if you can for Ability Online to parents or caregivers and other people who can donate. Thanks."