Meet our Kids

    We keep our "kids" safely within the Ability Online community -but we really want you to meet some of them. Enjoy these videos and stories and see why we do what we do for these amazing young people!

    August 2013  -Thanks to a parent for sharing this video that was enterd in FilmPossible. Talk about inspiring -and Zophia is one of our Ambassadors!

    May 2013 - Cery's received her gift of independence following our Locomotion2013 event. Look at her go!

    April 2013 -Here are some of the children we have helped with our Ability Gives Program. Thank you to Samantha for creating this video for us!

    Janury 2013 -The gift of independence -Zophia is on the move!

    August 2012We believe that kids should be kids first. And that means doing things that other kids do. We were thrilled to have helped two very special brothers start riding their very own bikes! Look out Mom and Dad -these boys are on the move now! Attached is a video of Shay on the bike yesterday - will send pics - just need to download.  He could not believe he could pedal himself.  He was so proud -such an emotional moment for Cris and I.

    Meet Kaitlyn...

    Thanks to Kaitlyn's Mom for sharing this video with us.