Program Modules

    How we connect:



    For the Kids and Teens:                         For the Young Adults:                           For the Parents/Professionals


    Forums and chat rooms                            Forums and chat rooms                           Forums and chat rooms


    Role Models and Mentors                         Role Models and Mentors                        Content Specialists




    Skill development/Independence Opportunities:



    For the Kids and Teens:                        For the Young Adults:                            For the Parents/Professionals


    Bully Bouncers                                         Healthy Minds                                          Ability Gives


    Friendship Builder                                    Friendship Builder                                    Friendship Builder


    Transitions Plus                                       Transitions Plus                                        Resources


    Active Mind, Active Body                         Active Mind, Active Body                          E-Communities


    Tumblebooks library                                Tumblebooks library                                 Tumblebooks library


    Fun Stuff                                                  Fun Stuff                                                   Fun Stuff



    Program details


    Just register - yes we will screen you which involves a phone call -but guess what?  - that procedure has kept our kids safe for over 20 years! Worth the wait don't you think?  Then simply login and explore the possibilities.


    If you need help -just ask. Email or call (toll free 1-866-650-6207) and we will do our best to answer any and all of your questions. Together we can help our kids be the best they can be!